April of Baby Steps GardeningHi!  My name is April and I want to help YOU learn to garden.

I am not a horticulturist or a trained botanist or anything technical.  I try not to be a know-it-all, my-way-or-the- highway type of person.

I am a mother and grandmother that has spent the last 25 years learning by trial and error how to make things grow.

I was not born with a green thumb.  NO ONE is.  It is a valuable SKILL that I learned and I am going to help YOU learn it too.

I will include stuff you will think is woo-woo, and sometimes I cuss. I don't want anyone to be surprised when it happens, cuz it will happen.

I am more hillbilly than hip.  Part of the time I am a mad scientist, just trying something new for the hell of it.  Part of the time I am a culinary adventurer eating purple beans and white tomatoes.

But mostly I am a flower FREAK!  You can read more about how I got started gardening here.

Sometimes I slip into hillbillyese. Terms that I use pretty frequently are doohicky, thingamajig and whatchyamacallit.

These are some of the things that I believe:

I BELIEVE that I have control over the weather, the plants and the creatures that want to eat my plants...but that is bullshit.  There is no control.  I can only hope to work within the rhythm of nature and learn from the natural processes already in place.

I BELIEVE that everything I eat, touch or look at came from this blue ball I live on.  I shouldn't be a pig and take more than I give back.

I BELIEVE being in nature satisfies your soul like nothing else.  We have lost a lot of our culture's knowledge of the natural world.  We are disconnected and that leads to massively unsettled and unhappy people.

I BELIEVE every person has the responsibility to themselves and their family to know how to grow food.  You may not actively pursue it 100% all of the time, but you should cultivate it as a skill.

Do you BELIEVE you can garden?  I do!

I hope you come along for the ride.  We will be bouncing down dirt roads in Missouri in my dually.  Hang on!

Got a question you would like answered?  Send me an email so we can chat!