July is a GREAT time to start gardening!


July is the beginning of high summer heat and humidity here in the Midwest.  July is probably pretty warm everywhere.  So why do I think it is a good month to start gardening?

Now is the time when most gardeners give up, or at least slow down a whole lot.  Garden shops and departments are slowing down.  Most greenhouses have shut down.  How are you supposed to start gardening?

I’m talking SALES here, people!!!

Garden departments are at the end of their season.  They want to get rid of everything so they can stay in the air conditioning and sip iced tea.  Tools do not usually go on sale, but you can be stocking up on potting soil, compost and other amendments.

Perennial flowers are past their prime and looking pretty scraggly and are deeply discounted.  You can bring them back from death’s doorstep with some love and care.

Now is also a good time to look for bird baths, pots, and garden art.

If tools are what you need, I would suggest auctions and yard sales.  If you were trying to buy long handled tools like shovels, hoes and rakes in the spring, the prices can run high.  But now, the July heat muddles peoples senses and they don’t care if that shovel just sold for $1.

July is also the time to start thinking of prepping your new garden plot.  Scope out a site with at least 6 hours of sunshine.

You need to kill the grass.  Here in Missouri the grass is getting dry and withering from lack of rain.  This should make it easier to finish it off.  Gather all the cardboard you can scrounge and place it where you want your garden.  The more layers, the better.  You can start with one layer now, and add more as you find it. 

You need to weight the cardboard down so the wind doesn’t carry it away.  You can use rocks, concrete blocks, trash cans, logs, old toys.  What ever is available.  Here we are using fence posts.

Next spring you will have a really nice place to grow your fresh veggies!!!

Oh, and keep your eyes out around Halloween.  All those straw bales your neighbors are using for decorations?  Let them know you will be happy to haul those off for them.  Straw makes excellent mulch to save you from watering so much.  It will save you time and money.  Cha-ching!


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