Should you know your plant hardiness zone?

Sounds like a pretty important thing, doesn’t it?

It depends on what you are planning on growing.

Growing a vegetable garden is completed in one growing season.  Plant hardiness is only an issue if you are keeping plants over the winter.  This is one less thing you have to worry about when you are just getting started.

The plant hardiness zone map, shown below, is important for determining if the perennial you are planting will survive the winter where you live.  The PERENNIAL you are planting.

Plant hardiness map

Temperature zones

Now, if you want to come over to the dark side, and see if you can resist the power of flowers, click the map to go to the USDA plant hardiness website and find your zone.

Not sure of your zone?  What if you are on the line of two zones?

Then you should join the rest of the tribe in The Gardening Circle.


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